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U2 Group Could Be in the iPhone 6 Keynote Scenario

The iPhone 6 Keynote could have the presence of the U2 group

Surely the Apple company has already closed all details of today’s Keynote in which it will present the iPhone 6, but much of it is still a secret to the rest of the world. Recently it has been rumored that the group U2 could appear at the event to present the new smartphone and iWatch to be held today at 19:00 Spanish time (18:00 in the Canary Islands), although it is still unclear what their role would be.

Previous rumors suggest that U2 will be present on the stage that Apple has been building these days next to Cupertino’s Flint Center, where the iPhone 6 Keynote will be held. Although it’s still not clear why they’ll be there , there has been talk of the possibility of the new terminal coming with some songs or even the band’s new album loaded as standard.

U2 Group Could Be in the iPhone 6 Keynote Scenario
U2 Group Could Be in the iPhone 6 Keynote Scenario

It wouldn’t be the first time that members of the U2 group, including Bono, get on stage during a Keynote. If we look back at how in 2004 they presented a special edition of the iPod with Steve Jobs , so it would not be surprising to see them again for an event that is generating so many expectations.

U2’s latest album may be included in iPhone 6

It was last week when the first rumors began to surface about the possible presence of U2 in today’s Keynote. However, to this day everything remains a big question mark, as people close to the band remain silent .

Along with these rumors, there was also talk of possible reasons that would have led to U2 being present at the iPhone 6 event. In the music industry the reason that sounds the strongest is that the new terminal would come with the last album of the pre-loaded band in the music application, although people close to them reject this idea.

On the other hand, these people comment that there would be an agreement between Apple and U2 that would bring an innovative way of launching new music , and this event could serve to make it known to the world.

U2 has already partnered with Apple in the past

As mentioned above, the band partnered with the U.S. company in 2004 to launch a special edition of the iPod. In addition, iMore highlights that Bono himself worked side by side with Apple to create some of the accessories in the Product RED range .

Finally, they comment that the purchase of Beats would also be helping to strengthen the bonds between Cupertino’s and U2’s.

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