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Two years later, is the headphone jack still missed?

Cómo hacer tu propia conexión jack en iPhone 7 (o iPhone 8)

Los AirPods también son vistos como una buena alternativa si no fuera por su precio , ya que no todo el mundo está dispuesto a gastarse 179 euros en unos auriculares Bluetooth cuando ya ha invertido cerca de 1.000 euros en el teléfono móvil. Hay quien también sueña con que los aviones ofrezcan conexión Bluetooth en sus sistemas de entretenimiento para solventar el problema durante los viajes.

Two years later, is the headphone jack still missed?
Two years later, is the headphone jack still missed?

Por último, están los que siguen con un iPhone anterior al 7 como el 6s, que es el último en incorporar el jack para auriculares , una de las razones de peso por las que todavía no han renovado el dispositivo.

Apple made a risky decision that is still being questioned today. With the iPhone 7, the company decided to remove the 3.5mm jack from the device . The function of this port was none other than to allow the user to connect headphones by code with this type of plug. Since then, more and more manufacturers have decided to follow suit and remove this connector from their smartphones.

Two years after that solution the question remains the same: do you still miss the headphone jack?

To alleviate the anger and distrust of the users, Cupertino’s proposed three solutions. The first was headphones with a Lightning port, the second an adapter for 3.5mm plugs (not included in the latest models) and the third the AirPods. If you chose one of the first two, the result was always the same: if you wanted to listen to music or any other type of multimedia content , you would lose the possibility of recharging your iPhone . The third option, although practical, also had two drawbacks: price and sound quality.

A Reddit user has opened a thread asking the rest of the community if they still miss the headset port on their smartphone. Many agree that the biggest drawback is in the type of connector that Apple headsets use . As they are the most widely used in their daily lives, they find it impossible to connect them to other devices such as laptops.

Others comment that the solution would happen if Apple adopted the USB-C port on its smartphones, as it has already done on the iPad Pro. Considering that this is the type of connector implemented in the latest MacBooks, that would not be crazy.

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