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Two weeks ago BBM was sent to the App Store

Thanks to the social network Twitter we have learned that two weeks ago the BlackBerry Messenger app for iOS was sent to the App Store for approval by Apple. This makes us think that the app will most likely be approved next week and we will finally be able to enjoy it on our iOS devices.

That’s right, as we learned today from one of the developers of the iOS app version, BlackBerry Messenger was uploaded to the App Store two weeks ago , so its acceptance and availability to all iOS device users should be imminent.

Two weeks ago BBM was sent to the App Store
Two weeks ago BBM was sent to the App Store

The social network Twitter is once again on our side to offer us information on the evolution of the development of applications for iOS such as BBM. Alex Kinsella, one of the BlackBerry Senior Managers who is developing the iOS version of the famous instant messaging application wrote the following in his personal Twitter account a few minutes ago :

In case you don’t remember, a few months ago, BlackBerry announced that there would be a version of BBM for iOS and Android , so that most mobile phone users could enjoy the benefits of its instant messaging application.

Sources very close to the company and to the development of this version of the application claim that BBM for iPhone will be very similar to the version of the application for BlackBerry Z10 and that practically the only difference will be the lack of a couple of features in the version for iOS that have not been disclosed.

It is curious that BBM was sent 2 weeks ago because according to Apple’s report, applications are usually approved within 5 working days. So next week we should have BBM on our iOS devices .

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