Two tweaks Apple could have made

In the controversial relationship of iOS with the jailbreak there have been moments where Apple has finally been forced to copy some famous tweak to carry out a specific functionality. Obviously Apple will not recognize it, but in this new boom of tweaks for the new iOS 7 jailbreak we would like Apple to copy these two tweaks that we like very much for their originality.


It is perhaps the least interesting to Apple, since the only usage information Apple provides us with so far is the use of each application’s data, talk time and battery usage, and little else. SlideForUsage is a tweak that gives us application usage information . By simply pulling down on an application, in the multitasking screen, we’ll see information about the last time it was open or the time since the last reboot.

Two tweaks Apple could have made
Two tweaks Apple could have made

Rather than copying the time of use or the last time opened, which I find not very relevant, it would be interesting if the application could show information that is relevant. For example the music application could show the current song, summary of notifications, updates… It seems a bit redundant but depending on which application and according to what information it could be interesting to explore the concept . It is available in the ModMyi repo.


This is the typical tweak where you think about how Apple hasn’t thought of it before, because it’s so Apple. In a similar way to our iTunes on the computer, this tweak colours the interface of the Music application to match the colour of the cover of what we are listening to at the time. It is available on the BigBoss repo.

What do you think of these tweaks? Would the second one at least strain as if Apple has not?

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