Two tools for players: Xblaze and TeamSpeex

Players will surely be familiar with two small applications from the Windows world that allow you to stay in touch with your friends: the first Xfire, a messaging client that lets others know what your contacts are playing; and the second Teamspeak, an application for making voice conversations while playing.

Two tools for players: Xblaze and TeamSpeex
Two tools for players: Xblaze and TeamSpeex

For Mac OS X there are no official versions , so if you want to play a game like Call of Duty 2 or 4 or any other game available for both platforms (Windows and Mac) and you want to make use of these services you will have to use two substitutes: XBlaze and TeamSpeex .

Xblaze is a plugin for Adium that allows you to connect to the Xfire network , and to have conversations with your friends. The only requirement at the moment is to use version 1.2 of Adium as it does not currently work with 1.3.

The installation is simple, directly from the xtras section of Adium you click on install or download it and from the location where you have it you double click. Then it’s a matter of opening Adium and in adding an account select new Xfire.

TeamSpeex is a Mac OS X client of the well-known TeamSpeak . Its operation and use is not very mysterious, you start the application and enter the data from the teamspeak server. To download it use the mirror 7 from the official website.

Now you can locate your friends, see if they’re playing and have voice conversations if you’re playing any of those titles.

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