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Two small free “weather” utilities for your Mac desktop

iClock ( gratuita, Mac App Store )

Farensius Desktop, un escritorio climatológico

Farensius Desktop es un pequeño visor de la temperatura ambiente de la zona que le indiquemos, en la barra de menús superior. Discreto y bastante bien diseñado, de un vistazo podremos saber el frío ( o calor ) que hace fuera de casa sin movernos de nuestro Mac. Aunque con esta aplicación hay otra forma todavía más visual.

Two small free “weather” utilities for your Mac desktop
Two small free “weather” utilities for your Mac desktop

Podemos asignar cinco fondos de pantalla diferentes a cinco estados climatológicos: Nuvoso, lluvioso, con nieve, tormenta y soleado. Cuando la aplicación cambie entre uno u otro, también cambiará nuestro fondo dependiendo de él. Estos fondos pueden ser los predeterminados de la aplicación ( bastante simples ) o los que nosotros queramos. Muy sencillo, ocupa muy pocos recursos en memoria y además está gratuito por tiempo limitado.

Not everything has to be great programs, that comply with great functionalities. There are also the small utilities , which often go unnoticed, and which have a very specific purpose for a specific use. Perhaps for many they are not useful, but for those who find them interesting they can be small jewels in which you have not repaired among a sea of applications.

I’m interested in those who take care of the details. Not because they are a small application should be neglected, and I consider that much of the value of them lies in doing what they do in the best possible way. Today I have found two of them that will not solve your big problems, but I am sure that if you use them you will be satisfied with what they offer.

In this entry I will talk about time . Weather as physical magnitude and weather meteorological . I have found two small applications on the Mac App Store, completely free of charge, that will help you control both of them, with a really great look.

iClock, using the dock to look at the time in style

iClock is a simple utility that consists of displaying a clock that is updated in real time in the Dock of our Mac. It has no other utility, but we can choose between different types of clocks ( analog and digital ) and the design of all of them is well worth it if we are already tired of the usual clocks.

Everything is completely in real time: even if we are doing something else, we will see the hands of the analog clock moving, for example. It has five different designs, and of course, it is a free application.


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