Two simple tricks to keep your computer organized

If there is something I love in a computer is cleanliness and organization , there is nothing I like less than seeing a desktop full of icons or folders with a bunch of files without any sense, ultimately a messy computer.

Part of the blame for our neglecting these maintenance tasks lies with Spotlight, thanks to the best search engine of all operating systems we can leave our files anywhere and find them quickly even if the sorting of our files is a disaster.

Two simple tricks to keep your computer organized
Two simple tricks to keep your computer organized

Here are two little tricks that help a lot when it comes to keeping the computer more organized and above all, visually much more attractive.

Use a folder as a “desk”

One of my hobbies is files on the desktop, I understand that part of the function of the desktop is to have temporary files that we need at a given time, but it looks so good to have absolutely nothing on the desktop and it is so simple to use alternative options that it has no value for me.

My solution is quite simple: use a folder with direct access from the Dock. I do this by creating a folder called “desktop” (it can have any name) and storing it in the Documents.

Once the folder is created, we add it to the Dock in the section of stacks and select the grid view as the default preview.

Now every time we want to keep a file temporarily and quickly we no longer have to drag it to the desktop but to our folder. To open or delete any file from our directory we won’t have to access the Finder, we can do it directly from the corresponding stack .

Since we are we can also remove the icons from the hard disks connected to the computer, this is done from the options in the Finder General tab, in this section you can select which disks you want to show on the desktop, in my case I only access from the Finder so I have all disabled.

Using smart folders to organize our downloads

Another one of those ” disaster boxes ” we have in Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the Downloads folder. Let’s say that Apple had a good idea when creating it because we no longer fill the desktop with unnecessary files, but instead we’ve turned that folder into our own trash, literally.

The most common thing is that in this folder we group the downloads and these are usually of three types of content:

  • Series and movies.
  • Personal documents and files.

By using smart folders we can automate the organization of our Downloads . In this way we can create three folders or mailboxes where we can store all the content added to the Downloads folder autonomously.

To create our smart folders go to the Finder and click on “New Smart Folder”, the rules I have used are as follows:

  • Class: Film (or files, or applications depending on what you want to add)
  • Date of creation, is, in the last 7 days.

The second rule allows us to filter only new content, so even though the folder searches the entire Mac, it won’t show anything more than 7 days old (you can define another time if you want) which will almost certainly match our files in the Downloads folder.

Once our three folders have been created, all the content that arrives in our Downloads folder will be organized autonomously.

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