Two New iPhone Apps for Group Messaging

Despite the new features and improvements Apple has added to its Messaging application in iOS 8, such as the ability to create group conversations or the ability to reply to messages directly from the Notification Center thanks to quick replies… Even so, there are still some worthy competitors out there.

Last week we told you about the new messaging app from Skype’s co-founder, and today it’s the turn of two new apps from the developers of Launch Center Pro . These are Group Text+ and Email+, and they provide users with some very interesting features related to messaging and email.

Two New iPhone Apps for Group Messaging
Two New iPhone Apps for Group Messaging

Using each of these applications we can create specific groups with the contacts from our address book to which we frequently send messages or e-mails. But they also allow us to create individual conversations or emails with our best friends.

To do this, we will have to click on the “edit” button that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, right next to the “Add Contacts” button. From here, just follow a few simple steps to complete the group creation and save the process.

Some of the most interesting features of the apps are that they offer us the possibility to take pictures to send them, search for GIFs from Giphy , insert images from our iPhone photo reel or even send our current location or predefined message texts (which we’ll have the opportunity to create and edit).

To send a group message in any of these applications, simply select the group in question (or the person in question), choose the content you want to include in the message and then tap on the “Compose” button (or write, compose).

It is then when a screen will appear in which we will be able to write the message and where it is shown to us all the contacts, images and contents that we have selected previously , all this waiting for the button of sending.

But apart from the instant messaging features of each of these applications, (remember, Group Text+ and Email+) also offer us a very useful and functional feature, the iOS 8 sharing extension. Thanks to it we can send content from the web or from any third party iOS application.

Thanks to Cnet we have discovered that, instead of having to enter a name on the text writing screen, we can click on the avatar or profile image representing the group or contact to whom we want to send a message, followed by the compose button. Really easy!

We don’t know if these two applications will succeed or not in the populated category of the App Store full of competitors fighting for a monopoly in the battle of instant messaging applications, but what we do know is that Email+ and Group Text+ are two useful new alternatives . What do you think?

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Download Email+ and Group Text+

Both apps are now available on the App Store in Spain, for 2.99 and 1.99 euros, respectively:

Have you had a chance to try out these applications? Let us know what you think about them from the comments section.

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