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Two Music and Health concepts for iOS that would greatly enhance these two applications

Music and Health are two of the great applications of iOS. The first one we use daily to listen to music by Apple Music, while the second one is in charge of collecting and centralizing all our physical and general health data. They now have the new iOS design with large cards and fonts, introduced in iOS 10 and improved in iOS 11. However, can it be improved further? These two new concepts indicate this.

More dynamic and colorful music

A concept of the YouTube channel @Litaya shows us in video an interesting renewal of Music in iOS. Well, it doesn’t really renew but rather improves what we already have so that the experience of listening to music is more rewarding. There are several aspects to highlight:

  • Colorful and moving backgrounds: A background for the albums that changes color according to the predominant of the album and also when we are playing music that an animation is played to the rhythm of the song. Of course an interesting way to make it more dynamic and entertaining. As a curiosity, at present we already apply a certain blurred color gradient according to the predominant color of the album:
  • Smaller buttons and 3D Touch: The volume bar disappears and only a small icon remains which, when pressed, functions as the volume bar in the Control Centre. This is also the case with the Like button for example.
  • Welcome back Coverflow: A horizontal mode in which we have the Coverflow back that allows us to listen to music and navigate by viewing only the album covers.
  • Dark mode here too: There seems to be no concept that doesn’t try to implement the dark mode. This time the truth is that the result is very convincing.

A more motivating health app

Two Music and Health concepts for iOS that would greatly enhance these two applications
Two Music and Health concepts for iOS that would greatly enhance these two applications

The Health app is one of the most complete in iOS, unfortunately it is forgotten because the way it displays the data and the amount of information it provides makes us lose interest. This interesting concept compiled by 9to5mac shows us how Apple could improve this by making the user more interested in its performance. Some interesting points:

  • Weekly approaches: Each week the Health app could show us an aspect to focus on to improve in the next seven days. For example, improving sleep, climbing more stairs, breathing better…
  • Weekly and monthly review: Simpler displays of weekly and monthly progress of each activity and data. This way we can see what our performance and trends are.
  • Advice: Currently Apple gives us minimal advice in each field and also with some videos, but this could be more detailed and specific. For example, it does see that we have not been sleeping well for some time that suggests schedules and ways to sleep more comfortably.
  • Achievement statistics: Achievements are a very good way to motivate the user and unfortunately they hardly offer information apart from the medal and the times we have achieved it. In this concept we see how they become more relevant and show us detailed information of each achievement made.

Este concepto de iOS 12 añade algunas novedades al sistema operativo y mejora características ya existentes

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