two graphic options to check the status of your RAM

When our Mac slows down, suffers crashes, unexpected reboots, some Panic Kernel or just the dreaded beach ball appears often we may have a problem. Most commonly, these symptoms are attributed to problems with the operating system or wear and tear on the equipment. OSXDaily

two graphic options to check the status of your RAM
two graphic options to check the status of your RAM

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When RAM memory fails, it can cause these symptoms described above. To check the state of the memory we can use two applications with graphic interface in which we will see quickly and easily if something fails.

Apple Hardware Test

The first is Apple’s own tool: Apple Hardware Test. It’s included on the system recovery discs or USB memory stick that comes with new MacBook Air. To start the test tool (remember that it also checks the status of Airport, motherboard, hard disk, memory, modem and the graphics memory) we will have to insert the disk or USB and hold the D key while we start the computer.

There are two types of analysis, a quick one and a more thorough one. On the Apple website you will find all the information you need to start the Apple Hardware Test according to your computer and other possibilities that you may encounter.


Rember is a memtest based application that allows you to check the status of your Mac’s RAM. Because it has a graphical interface, it is easy to use by inexperienced users on the command line. The tests to the memory can be of all the available one or of a certain amount as well as the number of loops (passes to carry out) that it will do.

Once the check is completed, it will generate a report that we can keep for future tests. Rember’s advantage over Apple Hardware Test is its greater speed and reliability in detecting errors. Besides, the application is totally free. The disadvantage is that Apple Hardware Test also checks other components of our equipment.

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