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Two Apple ads are nominated for an Emmy Award

The well-known Emmy Awards gala will take place in Los Angeles next September. In this gala, TV programs and series are awarded in several categories, although there is also space to award commercials and it is precisely in this category that Apple itself has ‘snuck’ two commercials among the nominees. Here are some more details.

Historically Apple has stood out a lot in its ads because of its originality. While it must be acknowledged that nowadays there are many companies and advertising agencies that launch incredible ads, the truth is that the apple company continues to do well in this area. For posterity there will remain that mythical ad entitled ” 1984 ” which announced the first Macintosh and which for many experts is considered the best commercial ad in history.

Two Apple ads are nominated for an Emmy Award
Two Apple ads are nominated for an Emmy Award

The ad shown in the above video is one of the nominees for best 2019 commercial at the 71st Emmy Awards . Although it could well be a documentary commercial, it is actually an Apple commercial shot entirely with an iPhone XS . With this announcement the company intends to show all the virtues of the camera of its latest iPhone.

Since the arrival of devices such as the iPod and later the iPhone, the Mac is no longer Apple’s star product as it once was. However, this does not mean that it is no longer an important product both for the company and for users. Therefore, in this ad titled in Spanish as “Detrás del Mac” (Behind the Mac), we see different black and white photographs of how the apple’s laptops are still present in many users and situations . Indeed, this is Apple’s second Emmy-nominated ad.

There is no doubt that these nominations are positive for the company and serve to demonstrate that continues to be a leading company and recognized by the media for its ads . This is something that Apple also wants to transfer to its new streaming video platform, Apple TV+, which will arrive this year to face other services already well established as Netflix or HBO.

The 2019 Emmy Awards gala will begin at 8pm on 22 September, local time in Los Angeles, where we will meet all the winners of the best comedy and drama series and the best actors and actresses. We will also, of course, get out of the way in this category of commercials and see if in the end Apple manages to win an award for any of these commercials.

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