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Twitter Night Mode Now Available on the iOS App


The well-known microblogging social network has announced that its iOS application will also have a night mode. Through its official account, Twitter has let the world know that iPhone and iPad users will be able to use this night mode in their app , a mode with darker tones that makes eyes less tired when using it in low light.

Twitter Night Mode Now Available on the iOS App
Twitter Night Mode Now Available on the iOS App

This new night mode feature arrives with the new 6.60 version of Twitter for iOS, although s i after upgrading you can’t use it don’t worry as the deployment is being done gradually . However, in a few days it is expected that the Twitter night mode will be available for users around the world.

The Twitter night mode makes the white tones become dark blue, so the interface is not as bright . This way, using the Twitter app in low light conditions won’t tire your eyes so much or damage your eyes.

Activating Twitter night mode on your iOS device is a snap. All you have to do is go to your profile tab and enter the settings menu (the gearwheel icon just to the right of your profile picture).

In the menu that appears when you click on this icon, the function “Activate night mode” should appear. Once the tones of the interface have been activated they will become darker and to return to normal vision you only have to follow the same steps and click on the “Deactivate night mode” option. It’s that simple!

If you don’t find the “Activate night mode” function when you follow these steps, don’t worry , because as we said before it’s coming gradually. So don’t despair and be patient, because it will surely come to you over the next few days.