Twitter is updated with interesting news

The most popular microblogging social network on the planet, Twitter, has updated its image by presenting some new features in its image that go beyond, providing a better user experience.

These developments will affect both the web and mobile versions. In this post we tell you what these new features are.

Twitter listens to its users

Twitter is updated with interesting news
Twitter is updated with interesting news

If there is one thing users value highly, it is that their requests and proposals are heard. In the case of Twitter they have hit the nail on the head and that is that the developers have wanted to have some feedback with the users and have implemented a series of changes and improvements according to what they have been asking for.

Twitter news such as sidebar with profile, settings and privacy

Finally, we can have in a side menu our profile, as well as our different accounts and access to settings and privacy . In both iOS and Android there will be fewer tabs, which will provide a better browsing experience for the user.

Another new feature is the external links. From now on when you open a link, a browser page will be opened within the application itself.

Some icons have become more intuitive , helping especially those using Twitter for the first time.

Twitter will now instantly update conversations

Without a doubt, one of the novelties that was probably most expected and most liked is the instant update with the counting of the answers, the retweets and the likes . So now the user can watch the conversations as they happen.

It also becomes more efficient and faster

Whether an application is fast or not depends largely on the device with which the application is being used. But it also varies according to the consumption that the developers have given to that application. Until now, any device with minimal features supported Twitter quickly but with this new update that fluidity will be even more evident .

All these changes will be implemented from today and over the next few days. As we have already said, the application will be renewed not only in its web version but also in the versions of iOS, Android, TweetDeck and Twitter Lite .

At Apple 5×1, we encourage you to tell us in the comments your impressions about these changes and if you miss anything else.

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