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Twitter debuts enriched notifications in iOS 10

Twitter anuncia la llegada del modo nocturno en iPhone y iPad

In its most recent update, Twitter launched rich notifications in iOS 10, so users can see the tweets of some of their followers on the locked screen of the iPhone. This way, it will be possible to view the posts made by the accounts without having to unlock the mobile . This notification will be accompanied by a thumbnail image that appears next to the tweet text, both on the iPhone lock screen and in the Notification Center.

Twitter debuts enriched notifications in iOS 10Twitter debuts enriched notifications in iOS 10

According to MacRumors, in order to get an enlarged view of these notifications, users will have to touch them and see their content with a larger image, along with the ‘Like’ and ‘Retuit’ options, as shown below.

In addition to this innovation for iOS 10, the 140-character social network received another new feature: QR codes in user profiles. Since a few hours, Twitter users can send their own code or follow other members of the platform to other people so they can start following their tweets.

The first thing to do is to go to our Twitter account options, then open the ‘QR Code’ function, and there our code will appear in different colors .

But if we want to scan a friend’s code, we have to open the same option and under our QR, press a button called ‘QR Scan’. At that moment the code scanner will be activated to add another user, as we would do with any QR app. This is one of the most important updates Twitter has received in iOS, after the announcement of the arrival of the night mode to the app.

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