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Twitter continues to hamper troll and spam accounts

Twitter wants to improve the quality of its platform, and that’s why it must invest all its efforts in improving the accounts that make up this social network , and that’s why they are implementing new measures to avoid trolls and spam accounts. The purpose of Twitter is to implement a better verification system, incorporating the need to confirm an email or phone number by obligation .

New Twitter users must have a valid email address or phone number that can be linked to this profile as collected by ADSLZone.

Twitter continues to hamper troll and spam accountsTwitter continues to hamper troll and spam accounts

The aim of Twitter is to force the user to verify their identity to avoid troll accounts without being able to identify the user or the much hated spam accounts that are controlled by the bots.

The need to enter an email address was necessary, but t and warned that you should verify it with periodic notices , but you were not obliged to do this verification until now which will be totally mandatory.

This check can work very well for spam accounts that are controlled by bots, but obviously people who want to create a troll account won’t have much of a problem, as you can always create a quick account in Gmail and check in with that account and leave it. I think full verification will involve giving out your phone number as it is a much more reliable way of identifying yourself.

If it is true that this is a first step that other social networks like Instagram or Facebook don’t have, although we hope that in the end much more reliable systems will be implemented to eradicate troll and spam accounts.

Leave us in the comment box if you are still unhappy with these troll accounts and if you think these measures are sufficient.