Twitter App for iPhone Updated with Major Improvements

The update is now available on the App Store for download and installation

In recent hours, an update of one of the applications that is present on many iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch around the world has been made available to users who have already downloaded it, or who wish to download it for the first time . We’re talking about the Twitter application.

Previous versions of the application came to correct some bugs that were experienced with the use, with this new update we incorporate some new features that more than one will like (including me, of course), and that have been demanded for some time.

Photo sharing enhancements

Twitter App for iPhone Updated with Major Improvements
Twitter App for iPhone Updated with Major Improvements

The new version of the 140-character social networking application for iOS is focused on improving the user experience when you want to upload photos. As soon as you have it installed, you will be able to attach up to four photos in a single “tweet” . These photos will appear as a kind of gallery when we enter the extended view of the tweet.

In addition, we will also have the possibility to tag our friends or acquaintances who are within the social network in the photos we upload. And, of course, we can also be tagged in other people’s photos. So that this can’t be a problem in the future, and to avoid unwanted tagging, you can set in the account options who can tag us in the photos and who can’t.

The new options are only available in the iPhone version

Whoever has an iPad and is looking like crazy for everything that is being described, stop looking because you won’t find it. As with the Facebook application, which does not allow more than one photo to be uploaded at a time from the iPad, the new functions of the bird’s social network application update cannot be enjoyed on the iPad .

It is a pity that these improvements can only be enjoyed on the iPhone, but so far the function has not reached other devices. Now we will have to start demanding that on the iPad we can also have the same user experience as on the iPhone.

Are you a Twitter user with an iPhone and have you tried this possibility of uploading more than one photo and tagging people who appear in them ? No doubt a feature that will give a lot of talk in the next few days.

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