Tweetdeck is updated with important and necessary news

Twitter has an official tool on Mac designed for those users who manage multiple accounts at once. This application is called Tweetdeck, and in it we find management and control tools for various accounts on the social network. This application was getting a little out of date with the features that Twitter incorporates in its web version and its apps for iOS and Android; that is why they have launched an update with necessary improvements.

To enjoy the latest changes to Tweetdeck you must update the application from the corresponding section of the Mac App Store, or if you did not have it installed you must download the latest version by clicking here. As soon as you open the latest version you will see that there has been a renewal of the interface . Now the application shows a wider design taking up practically two columns of our screen.

Tweetdeck is updated with important and necessary news
Tweetdeck is updated with important and necessary news

This new update has novelties beyond the aesthetic ones. The main one is the support for creating surveys . It seemed incredible but Tweetdeck didn’t have a tool that allowed users to create and publish surveys in their accounts, although it did show the ones of other users. As in the web and mobile versions, this functionality is available by clicking on its icon at the bottom of the box where the tweets are written.

Another outstanding novelty we find in Tweetdeck is the power to access the extensive library of Twitter GIFs . There is no doubt that these animated images are increasingly popular and the fact that the tool for Mac did not have access to them was a disadvantage. In addition the inclusion of emojis is allowed in an easier way.

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There is also in this version a new tweet writing window in which the programming of publications for different accounts is still not compatible. Although this writing window is still in the testing phase, the truth is that it could finish replacing the old one in all versions once all the functionalities are available.

Did you know Tweetdeck? What do you think of this new update? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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