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Tweetbot, the alternative Twitter client, gets an update.


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Tweetbot, the alternative Twitter client, gets an update.
Tweetbot, the alternative Twitter client, gets an update.

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Tweetbot, the popular unofficial Twitter client, has just received an update that has enhanced all the virtues it already had and fixed a few bugs. This is the 2.4 version, which improves one of the most downloaded applications and that generates the best opinions. If you want to know what new features it includes, just keep reading.

Tweetbot, the popular “unofficial” Twitter client for iOS, has just received an update . To put our readers in the picture, Tweetbot is a client but with a rather curious and functional interface, with animations and sounds that make us not miss the official Twitter application. You have an analysis made by our colleague Albert of this application.

In particular this update has the version number 2.4 and I’m going to try to at least roughly unpack all the new features it contains.

One of the main features, or at least one that its developers emphasize, is that of the offline favorites . With that possibility we have the option of tweeting to be read at a later time . In this way the Tweets we have previously marked are added, by sending a link , to save them and read them later, very similar to the case of Instapaper . When we use this action it first puts the favorite(s) in queue and soon after, when we have a new connection, we have them available for reading.

In addition, now the Tweets allow to add through a map system, the location where the user is. Regarding the search bar, it now appears in a unified way to show people, top tweets and trends in a new section called examine . The most recent tweets, within these, are marked with a silver star. trends are the most significant messages from a certain area that we have previously established. For example, if we establish Easter and Granada, the messages related to both location and event will appear.

In the version for iPad it is also possible to discard Tweets with a two-finger scroll down without having to touch the close icon at the top left. This way we can summarize, that with this update Tweetbot has improved some aspects without touching other fundamental ones , that were already well established and that made it one of the most downloaded Twitter clients. This version is already in the App Store at a price of 2.39 euros.

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