Tweetbot for Mac updates

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Tweetbot for Mac updates
Tweetbot for Mac updates

Tweetbot is the best Twitter client for both iOS and OS X, no one doubts that. Despite the fact that the iPhone version has a very active development, the Mac version has not been updated for a while, until today , which reaches version 1.5.

The new features are not too big, but we have the classic error correction, and the possibility to see the images in the timeline at a bigger size, as it was already the case with the official Twitter application. However, if you don’t like this new change, you can reverse it in the application preferences, disabling the large previews , or the image previews completely.

The small previews have also received another change, and that is that are now slightly larger because they no longer have a border which takes up space.

Also has fixed bugs that were with the context menus , tweets in detail and slider gestures. Tweetbot for OS X 1.5 is available on the Mac App Store, and as always, it’s a free update for existing users, and for new users it still costs 17.99 euros.

Here is the complete list of changes :

  • Option for large image previews (as well as the option to turn off previews) in the display settings.
  • New design in the thumbnails of the images.
  • Three finger gestures to the left or right on our timeline if the trackpad settings are set to this.
  • Fixed the problem where the context menus had the first option shaded by default.
  • Fixed problems with the interface when looking at details of a tweet.

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