Tweetbot 3.3 iOS Update

Tweetbot para iPhone (4,49)

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Tweetbot 3.3 iOS Update
Tweetbot 3.3 iOS Update

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This time was not going to be less, and that’s because a few minutes ago the most famous Twitter client of iOS has been updated to version 3.3 .

The upgrade, as you might expect, is free for all customers, and includes options to view larger image thumbnails, or the ability to remove tweets directly from the timeline when we do some kind of mute . Until now this change only applied to new tweets . Another new feature is the Avenir font, which is being proposed as a new display option.

But it’s best to see the full list of changes , below:

  • Avenir as a new font option in the display settings.
  • Option to thumbnail larger images (as well as an option to disable thumbnails).
  • Option to remove the current tweets in our liststimelines when a new filter has been created.
  • Various error corrections.

The only notable thing is that the update is only available for iPhone, and has not yet reached the iPad. However, we believe that will also appear on the app store of the apple tablets in a matter of hours.

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