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TVShows 2b7, the best option to follow series is renewed

56 Comments 15 May 2011, 23:20 Salva Castro

Today I have to talk to you about a project that returns with renewed energy, it’s the TVShows application that we have already talked about at Apple, because we consider it to be one of the best options under Mac OS X to be subscribed to the current series (mainly American and British, and in original version).

TVShows 2b7, the best option to follow series is renewed
TVShows 2b7, the best option to follow series is renewed

Before continuing to clarify two aspects to all those who do not know this program, this is a project that has undergone several renovations in the past, a desktop application has become a panel of preferences and linked or one or other web services has become dependent on showRSS. Its main purpose is to make our life easier when it comes to following series, TVShows allows us to subscribe to different series offered by its official RSS (showRSS) source and from there TVShows will be running in the background and watching to see if they have published any news, in that case, TVShows is able to download the torrents of the last published episodes and (if we want) open our favorite torrent client to start downloading them.

If you are interested in knowing the latest news of the program and discover more about the subject, do not hesitate to continue reading after the jump.

TVShows 2, the project is renewed

After the first versions, which we have already reviewed in this blog, the creator of the original project promised a 1.0 version that never came, he even requested beta testers but disappeared without saying anything. Anyway, TVShows continued working, until in summer 2009 the source of the torrents used by the application ( stopped giving service.

Since the program is licensed under the GPL3 and therefore open source, a company took over the project. It adapted the original concept to a new RSS feed ( and started publishing the first beta versions of TVShows 2 already in preference panel format instead of desktop application. The bad news came last April, when the end of the development was announced.

Recently the project has been taken up again by Victor Pimentel (old acquaintance, former editor of genbeta) as the main developer, who is making the application evolve with interesting new features that we will review below.

Last news incorporated to TVShows 2b7

Firstly as we said the application became a preferences panel and this legacy feature has allowed improvements in the interface, making it much more visual than the original version , we now have the series covers and effects by changing their options. The original philosophy of the application has also changed a bit, we no longer choose the chapter from which we subscribe to a series, but rather we choose the series and automatically receive updates from that point on , although we do have the possibility of manually downloading some previous chapters.

The last beta published this week (b7) contains interesting new features such as:

  • HD available for all series. If the series is not available in HD on EZTVShowRSS, then it is downloaded from Torrentz and with the most reliable source available and if after three days that torrent is not available, the SD version is downloaded.
  • Children at your Feet
    • Continuous improvement of the application, with a number of bugfixes that correct some detected bugs.

    The application has been translated into Spanish, Catalan and Galician , and is available in up to 21 other languages. It is obviously a free application but Victor is looking forward to receiving your donations to the project (well and your porn ). It’s compatible with Leopard or Snow Leopard only, which leaves old computers with Tiger out of the picture.

    The future of TVShows

    Both the new Community Manager of the project (Cristina) and its developer have told us about some functionalities that they plan to implement in future versions.

    Firstly, they plan to include customised RSS feeds with all that this entails, a greater degree of customisation in the application, more specialisation when searching for series on different subjects (such as animes, etc.), greater possibilities of finding series in the language we want, and in short, not to link to a single source of information as has happened in the past.

    They also want to offer support for downloading subtitles with the chapters , for all those who cannot see a series in original version without them, to make this task even easier. As you can see the philosophy is clear: make these tasks automatic, comfortable, unassisted, I really applaud these initiatives.

    Another point to develop is the synchronization with ShowRSS accounts , to be able to modify our series list remotely via ShowRSS and automatically update our TVShows 2.

    I love to see how they have taken up one of the best options for following the series that are broadcast in the United States, and also to see the vitality with which this project has just started is great. Now we just hope that the application advances at a steady pace and that it doesn’t happen like it did in the past, which has been abandoned by its developers on several occasions.

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