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tvOS 9.2 now available, these are all its new features

Nuevo iPhone SE, iPad Pro de 9,7″, bajada de precio del Apple Watch y nuevas correas: novedades desde la keynote.

Post-keynote update evening where could not miss tvOS version 9.2 . The new Apple device for controlling our living room has also received its own ration of updates at the same time as iOS 9.3. We are probably looking at the last major update of this operating system until we see the deployment of tvOS 10.0 on the WWDC16 as well as its release at the end of September or October.

tvOS 9.2 now available, these are all its new features
tvOS 9.2 now available, these are all its new features

Whatever is new in this far-away version of tvOS, the truth is that today is the turn of its version 9.2 . To get to know them all in depth, we’ve prepared this article that you can’t miss.

The development period of the beta has been extended since last January. With the passage of different betas some more features have been added, so below we compile all the features that will be seen on your Apple TV 4 when you upgrade to tvOS 9.2:

  • iOS-style app folders. With this new feature, you can store multiple apps in one place and sort them without having them scattered around the home page. To create a folder, we’ll keep pressing the pause and play button until the icons dance, when we’ll be able to drag one over the other and create that folder.
  • Redesigned multitasking menu, more like iOS.
  • Dictation of searches, users and passwords to speed up text input on tvOS. This was one of the great shortcomings of the new Apple TV, so now it will be easier to search the App Store as well as enter the data of the services we subscribe to. To do so, we can use the Siri button on the Siri Remote.
  • Support for bluetooth keyboards (finally!) puts the Apple TV4 on par with its predecessors, who enjoyed this feature from the start.
  • New official Podcast app, from which to follow those to whom we subscribe.
  • Full support for the iCloud photo library and Live Photos. Now you can access your entire iCloud photo library on Apple TV.

tvOS 9.2 is an update that brings back features that were standard on previous models, but also those improvements that many of us were waiting for. In addition, navigation is significantly faster , as well as support for the new iOS Remote app.

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