Tutorial for setting up an Outlook account on Mac and iPhone

Microsoft has taken a further step in improving its e-mail service by adding the IMAP protocol to Outlook. Although it has been on the market for a year now, it has not been until now that they have added this email communication protocol to Outlook. So now that we no longer depend on the old POP, we give you the steps to configure it in both OS X and iOS.

More than a year ago Microsoft introduced the world to the revamped Outlook email service , but until now it did not support the IMAP protocol. What is this protocol and how does it work? More or less, the IMAP protocol is a protocol that emerged to improve on the old POP3 protocol, which has been in use until a few years ago.

Tutorial for setting up an Outlook account on Mac and iPhone
Tutorial for setting up an Outlook account on Mac and iPhone

Unlike POP3, IMAP allows us to access our mail server directly without having to download all the messages on all the devices we have, which makes email management much faster, especially if you usually receive a lot of emails every day.

How to configure it on our Mac

To configure an Outlook account in OS X we will use the program that comes standard in our system (Mail), although we will also provide you with the necessary data in case you use a different mail manager.

  • Open System Preferences and go to the Internet Accounts option.
  • In the menu on the right we selected the option Add another account…
  • From the drop-down menu, select Add an email account and click on Create.
  • In the following menu we introduce our data for this account: Our address and the password, and we give you to Create.
  • As he asks for the data, we enter it:

IMAP Incoming

Server : imap-mail.outlook.com

Port : 993

Encryption : SSL

Outgoing SMTP

Server : smtp-mail.outlook.com

Port : 587

Encryption : TLS

  • Once entered we give you to Create and will begin the synchronization of all our folders and messages.

In principle we should not have any problem with this data, and this is the data we should use in any other mail manager we use.

Configuring our iPhone to use Outlook

Now we have to configure the email account on our iPhone, so we’ll use, in principle, our included manager, also Mail, although the data is valid for any other . After several hours fighting with iOS and “cheating” the assistant, these are the steps needed to get our Outlook IMAP account in iOS:

  • We’re going to Settings , Mail, Contacts and Calendars , Add Account , Others .
  • Under the Mail section; click on Add account.
  • We introduce the data you are asking for: Name, Email (we will create an alias @outlook.com if our account is still @hotmail.com), Password and Description.
  • Now you will let us choose between IMAP and POP. We choose IMAP and enter all incoming and outgoing mail server data.
  • Once the data has been entered, it will verify the account and add it to us, although it will give an error because we cannot activate SSL.
  • We go back to Settings , Mail, Contacts and Calendars , and click on the newly created account.
  • Click again on the account, where you put the email address, to check that the data are correct.
  • We click on Countdown to go back.
  • We now click on Advanced.
  • Go down to the section Input settings and check that the data and click on Use SSL*.
  • Once configured, click on Account and Ok, which will verify that the data is correct.

If everything has gone well, we’ll already have our account set up on the iPhone or iPad, so we can start receiving emails immediately.

And you, did you have problems with the configuration or did you go at first?

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