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Turn your photos into works of art with these applications

There are many technological inventions that appear year after year and start to become a trend, until they end up becoming a temporary fashion that after a while, disappears . It is the case of a certain application, accessories to complement our devices or a special feature of a terminal in exclusivity.

The really rare thing to see is the appearance of an invention that does not mark a temporary fashion, but a generation . The smartphone undoubtedly falls into this category, but I would highlight two appearances that gave the smartphone the importance it has today. The first, of course, is the emergence of social networks. The second, the incorporation of cameras to these devices .

Turn your photos into works of art with these applications
Turn your photos into works of art with these applications

The camera of a smartphone gives the user the possibility of capturing in an instant everything that surrounds him at that moment , to later – if he wishes – share it through social networks.

This results in the continuous emergence of applications to make the most of this great possibility . Some of these are camera applications that are the alternative to the native one of a smartphone, real-time filters -like MSQRD-, or post-photo editing. Today we are going to highlight two applications that fall into the last category.

Both applications stand out for offering us filters to apply to our photographs. But not just any filters, but filters that allow us to turn our best photographs into works of art, comic strips or abstract drawings. These two applications are Poker and Prism


The interface of this first application is simple. To begin with, once the app is open we’ll find two options to choose from , the camera -if we want to take a photograph first- or the album -if the photo we want to edit has already been taken before-.

If we enter the album and choose the image we want to use, we will see the different filters that we can use with a small demonstration of the style that applies. All of them are unlocked except one called Little Forest , which costs 0.99 euros.

In order to apply the filter , simply choose one and wait for it to be applied . Under the list of filters, you will find a small indicator in which you can regulate the intensity of the filter.

Download Poker


In the same line as Poker , Prism stands out for its simplicity. Perhaps even greater than the previous application. This one, unlike Poker , starts in camera mode with an interface that reminds us a lot of Instagram .

If we want to edit a screenshot that has already been taken, we have to enter the small preview that we find at the bottom right of the main window . Once inside the album -also very similar to the photographic application acquired by Facebook-, we choose the image to edit.

Once the image has been chosen, the app offers us the possibility – unlike Poker – of enlarging the image or rotating it. Once we prepare it to our liking, we mark Next .

Now we’ll find a list of filters – all free – that we can apply to our image.

Once the new filter has been applied, slide your finger over the image from left to right to adjust the intensity of the filter .

Once the work is finished, Prisma offers us the possibility of sharing the image on social networks or downloading it onto our reel .

Download Prisma


From here I invite you to try both applications. You will discover all kinds of artistic filters with which you can give a special touch to your images. Besides, they are free. What are you waiting for?

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