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Turn your iPhone memory into a USB key

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Scotty Allen, a former Google employee who became famous for creating his own iPhone from scratch, is back on the job. This time with a video demonstrating how he has removed the memory chip from his iPhone to turn it into a fully functional USB pen drive .

Turn your iPhone memory into a USB key
Turn your iPhone memory into a USB key

To be clear, Scotty Allen is not suggesting that doing this is practical. In fact, buying a USB key is much cheaper and obviously easier . But the truth is that he really enjoys doing this kind of thing, something that can be seen in the video very clearly.

After successfully increasing the capacity of an iPhone, Scotty Allen now wanted to take it a step further by turning a memory stick into a USB key. He lives in Shenzhen , where most iPhones are assembled, so it’s relatively easy for him to get some components and tools for his purposes.

Scotty Allen got a broken iPhone 6 device , took out the memory chip and then put it on the motherboard of the terminal. But unfortunately it didn’t work. This made him embark on a curious adventure with hours and hours of soldering chips, trying out different chips, testing to see what software he needed on Windows to program the circuit…

Scotty Allen has created a kind of saga, a saga in which he embarks on a journey to achieve a goal that is not in most people’s hands… And he enjoys it!

This is a feat of hardware engineering, if you liked this video we invite you to take a look at his YouTube channel to see other similar curiosities on the projects Scotty Allen has been working on.


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