Turn your iPhone into an SLR

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There are many accessories to make our iPhone the accessory of an SLR camera. However, today we present you with an alternative to turn your iPhone into an extension of your reflex camera. And the best thing is that it will cost you a few euros or nothing, depending on what you have at home. This way, you can take photos with the quality of your camera with your iPhone.

Turn your iPhone into an SLR
Turn your iPhone into an SLR

Have you ever tried placing your iPhone on a pair of binoculars or your reflex camera? I’m sure that with some pulse you will get some pretty interesting pictures, but honestly it’s quite difficult to get a good result . Today we bring you a trick that will allow you to take pictures like this for four dollars with the help of only one eyepiece for your reflex camera and one case for your iPhone.

This will make the iPhone fit the body of our camera and we won’t have to worry about how to adjust it to get the best photos. So, both things can be bought at DealExtreme or we will have them at home . We can buy the cover in the Chinese shop on the corner, it doesn’t matter if it’s prettier or uglier, we’ll use it to break it.

The eyepiece is that piece that reflex cameras carry, where we support our eye to look through the viewfinder. In case you didn’t know, that part is detachable and some cameras come with a spare. In case you don’t know, you can buy it for less than one euro in any online store .

Obviously we don’t expect photos with the same quality that would come out with the reflex, but very similar. The problem is that between the camera lens and our iPhone there are many things in between that are reducing the quality , and above all the luminosity of the photograph. Between the camera’s sensor and the photo, only the lens lenses get in the way.

The trick is to carefully break the iPhone case so that it fits over the camera eyepiece. In addition, we will have to join them, and the best thing is to do it with two-component glue or with sealing putty, so that the union is strong and there is no risk of breakage . The result of the joint depends on how handy each one is, but it will not influence the final result.

To take the picture we only have to adjust the frame and focus with the camera, the rest will be taken care of by the iPhone making the focus of what you are seeing and taking the picture. As you can see, the trick is applicable to any phone ; we just have to take its case and break it to adapt it to the eyepiece.

That’s why our advice is that to take these photos you should do it in a place with good lighting, because otherwise many people will lose the final results. You may think it’s a trick, but can be more than interesting if we are on a trip and want to take a good picture or with a lot of zoom to upload it to social networks .

With the reflex we couldn’t upload it to the Internet immediately and with the iPhone we couldn’t achieve the quality of the camera or the range of the lens, so the idea is no longer as crazy as it seemed at first.


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