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TuneUp releases new update today

TuneUpEn Apple
A few days ago they contacted us to give us the news of the new version of TuneUp , which serves to have the iTunes library sorted, to recover information about the artists and to see if they have concerts in our city, among other functions. This update has just come out now at 8 am (Pacific Time), so the news can not be more recent.

In this new version, the user interface has been improved, which I think was necessary. Another improvement is the ability to choose which metadata to save . This way, if you don’t want to modify any of the song data, the program won’t crush that information. It’s possible to do this for each record, so it’s quite versatile. Another option is to disable the greatest hits compilations , so that the songs will be identified as the songs from the original albums. It will also be possible to create playlists from albums that have been “cleaned up” with the program.

TuneUp releases new update todayTuneUp releases new update today

Here you can see some screenshots of this new version.

We would like to thank Andrew Kippen for contacting us with the news.

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