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TuneUP, now with social networking features


We’ve already talked about TuneUP several times at Apple, but it was a long time ago and now TuneUP has some features that may be interesting, especially focused on social networks to share our musical tastes. Starting with the Share feature , from which we can publish on Facebook from the application the last five songs we have listened to on iTunes, the songs we have played the most, the best artists in our collection, and which are our favourite albums.

TuneUP, now with social networking features
TuneUP, now with social networking features

Also TuneUP has another functionality, which will send to our Twitter a message with the music we are listening. This message is actually a link to, a website where we can find a lot of information about the artist or group, the lyrics of the song in question, upcoming performances in our area, similar songs, links to songs by the group or artist, etc. The truth is that, seeing this, I think the sum of the functionality of Facebook and Twitter is what Ping should have been.

As always, TuneUP allows you to easily tag all the metadata of the songs in our library. All we have to do is drag them into the Cleanup tab of the application, and we can review the changes just in case we’re not happy with them before applying them. The tab Covers will review our entire library and propose applying covers for those albums that don’t have a cover.

From Tuniverse we have talked about in the previous paragraph. The tab Tuniverse shows this information from the application itself. Now the update of the information in Tuniverse works much faster and better than before, including the video of the song we listened to as well as information about the artist, upcoming concerts of our favorite artists, with the possibility of buying the tickets by clicking on that tab, which will open a browser for us to buy the tickets on the corresponding website, and the already mentioned Share tab.

The program also seems a little more agile when it comes to labeling the songs than before. The license for TuneUP costs $29.95 or $19.95, depending on whether it’s a Gold or Annual subscription. Having a 95% hit rate on a 14000 song library is worth it. I’ll let you know if I fill in the remaining 5% with TuneUP .

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