Try Windows 8 on your Mac with Virtual Box

Having a Mac and using Mac OS X doesn’t mean you have to stop trying out other operating systems. Prueba Windows 8 desde Windows Developer Preview

Moreover, as our colleague from Genbeta Guillermo Julian says, Microsoft is no longer Microsoft and I give him some reason.

Try Windows 8 on your Mac with Virtual Box
Try Windows 8 on your Mac with Virtual Box

If you want to try out the new version just out of curiosity, to be able to compare or because despite being Mac OS X users you need to know the Microsoft system for work reasons, you can do so thanks to VirtualBox . The free virtualization application allows us to create a virtual machine with the new system, which we can download for free from the Microsoft website.

The process is simple. We only need to download the Virtual Box application (if you don’t have it already) and the Windows 8 image. We launch the application and create a new virtual machine. Some aspects to take into account are: assign at least 2GB of RAM if possible, enable IO APIC (within system configuration, motherboard. Once the machine is created), within Processor we enable PAENX and the two acceleration boxes: Enable VT-xAMD-V and Enable Nested Paging. With that practically everything is ready. All that remains is to start the installation and wait patiently for the process to finish.

If you want to know my opinion, I’ll tell you briefly. For professional reasons I must know all the news of the computer sector. That’s why I install these versions. Some aspects I like and I see them interesting simply for the fact of making the competition grow. But today I am still happy with Mac OS X. That’s why my system will continue to be Apple’s.

One last note. We don’t want to create a meaningless debate between Windows and Mac. You know they’re boring and never add anything if done without respect or real justification. Everyone chooses the system they want to use. So if you comment, please do so with respect and in line with the news, your personal opinion, about what you liked or didn’t like and if there is something you would like to see incorporated into OS X (with its corresponding improvements or adaptations).

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