Try these wallpapers on your iPhone 5c

With the release of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5c Apple made its bet on color . If there is one device that feels good about the change in iOS that is the iPhone 5c, with its wide range of colors. And I say this because with iOS 7 Apple gave a twist to what had been the interface design of its operating system. It left aside the skeumorphism and opted for flat, minimalist textures and above all, for a much more vivid color range.

One of the aspects that was improved was that it was possible to expand, in some way, the personalization capabilities of our device, and wallpapers are one of the most direct ways of doing this, without having to perform the jailbreak .

Try these wallpapers on your iPhone 5c
Try these wallpapers on your iPhone 5c

Now, thanks to the changes introduced in iOS 7, and more specifically the transparency in various parts of the system such as the dock, the Notification Center and the Control Center, just by changing the wallpaper of our iPhone we will have a completely new system .

Therefore, and thinking mainly of the iPhone 5c and its range of colours, we bring you this selection of 25 wallpapers, all of them with colours in line with the different models of the 5c. We have chosen mostly abstract wallpapers, in which what really matters is the colour, which makes the appearance of your iPhone in accordance with the colour of its case.

So, if you want to give a fresh and casual touch to your iPhone , don’t hesitate to download this collection and fill your device with colour. And, of course, if you have any other model of iPhone, I’m sure that one of these wallpapers will suit you perfectly.

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