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Trump Threatens to Break WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption

User privacy is a major issue for most technology companies like Apple and that is why uses end-to-end encryption in its services, a communication system that ensures that our messages are not seen by unwanted people. This system may have its days numbered since the administration of Donald Trump would have proposed to ban it to facilitate police investigations.

On Wednesday the National Security Council met, and in a previous meeting the representatives of the Trump administration would have proposed to ban all those communication systems that cannot be broken by the police. In the end we are talking about opening a back door in operating systems that would violate the privacy of users and that will undoubtedly open a new dispute between technology companies and the authorities.

Trump Threatens to Break WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption
Trump Threatens to Break WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption

The end-to-end encrypted communication system ensures that messages are read only by the recipient and the sender. This for police investigations is a mess because in a society where communications are already carried out over the network it is quite complex to access them in order to unmask a criminal.

That’s why the administration is considering opening a debate in Congress to pass new legislation so that FBI or DOJ agents can easily access messages, to something that would affect iMessage or FaceTime and even WhatsApp.

The arguments for calling for this ban are more than clear: national defence even if it breaks the privacy of citizens. Currently for the government or it is more important to capture terrorists and criminals than to maintain the privacy of the citizens of the country something that for us is very debatable.

If a back door is opened and this end-to-end encrypted communication system is broken, it will be used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies as well and will be explored by hackers. If cyber criminals end up finding it, the security of the users will be seriously questioned and we will not be safe on the network.

There are many voices against this measure and that is why nothing concise has been achieved. From the United Kingdom they recently proposed to be as invisible members in all conversations something that was a real scandal . We must see where this goes since knowing Donald Trump we may see it come true.

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