Trojan on illegal copies of iWork 09

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Our reader Raul Siles tells us , through our contact form, about a trojan that is being distributed together with the copies of iWork 09 in the bittorrent networks.

The file containing the malware is iWorkServices.pkg. It installs iWorkservices into the Startupitems folder, making it run right after you start your computer. This element obtains execution, read and write permissions or what is the same: total control.

Trojan on illegal copies of iWork 09
Trojan on illegal copies of iWork 09

To finish the curl, it connects via Internet to a server that notifies of its presence so that some undesirable can make theirs.

At this time there will be many who will be enjoying this fact but remember that this is easily avoidable for two reasons:

  • The first is that when we download any file from the Internet, the first rule of security is precaution. The same applies to other platforms. Therefore, download from reliable sites. And for that nothing better than your official site.
  • The second is that today, despite the risk of growing threats, we see that infecting a computer with Mac OS X requires the collaboration of the user. So you must enter your administrator password.

In short, I am not going to excuse or belittle the news. It’s serious and you have to be careful. And as we have already said in other occasions, when the software is of quality and above all has a price as good as the iWork package (only 79 euros) I think it is worth having the legal version. And if you want to try it, download the trial version from Apple’s website.

If you are infected because you have installed one of these infected copies, you can use SecureMac’s removal tool, which is completely free and available on your website.

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