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trivago: compare hotels in App Store

Travel in style and find the perfect hotel at the best price by booking with trivago!

Holidays shouldn’t be stressful, but relaxing and cheap! Use the world’s largest hotel search engine for all your bookings and compare over 1 million hotels on over 200 travel websites.

trivago: compare hotels in App Store
trivago: compare hotels in App Store

Save with cheap hotels at a reduced price when traveling with trivia. Find hotels, compare prices and book your last-minute vacation on the go or even tonight from anywhere! Make instant reservations with trivago and start planning your next trip.

Characteristics of trivago:

Saves money in hotels:

– Save with some of the best deals on hotels around the world.
– Find hotels in your price range that fit your travel budget.
– When booking your holiday with trivago, you can find great deals for your last minute trips

Travel the world your way.
– Search for hotels by location and available dates to make your next trip perfect!
– Find hotels near tourist attractions or famous locations to plan the itinerary of your next trip.

– Easily save hotels for your last minute vacation or book on the fly!

Choose the hotels with the best offers:

– Use the trivial Hotel Rating Index to see how other travelers from all over the Internet have rated them
– Find out what others are saying by reading hotel reviews for travel websites such as Expedia, tripadvisor,,, Holidaycheck, ebookers and many more.

Need a hotel for a last-minute trip? Create a trivago profile and start organizing your next vacation tonight! Find the best hotels, compare prices and make travel easy by booking with trivago!

Unload it now and travel in style!

See what others are saying about the trivago travel app:

– The Guardian lists it as one of the “Top 10 Money Saving Applications”.
– describes it as “one of the best applications to save money”

Do you have any questions or need help booking a trip? Visit us at: http:/company.trivago.comsupport

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