Trine, great platform game for Mac


Games of all kinds and all prices have been appearing, and among them some jewels. One of them is Trine, a platform game that combines action and rpg touches.

Trine, great platform game for Mac
Trine, great platform game for Mac

Trine’s action takes place in a medieval period in which we will have three characters: Zoya, a thief; Pontius, the knight and Amadeus, the sorcerer. The three of them will try to overcome the adversities and multiple enemies that will appear using their skills.

The interesting thing about the game is undoubtedly the system of creating objects in real time , which through its physics system we can use to overcome levels as we go. In the graphic section the note it gets is high because it has a very good finish as well as its soundtrack.

As a Vidaextra fan I thought I’d read about it but I never paid much attention to it. Today I’m rediscovering it thanks to Kaosproduccion and the truth is that the game is a marvel, with a story that hooks thanks to those fairytale airs. A good game for platform lovers as well as more casual players. One hundred percent recommended, and irresistible for the price: 1.59

The requirements are as follows: Mac OS X 10.6.5 or higher, Mac with an Intel processor, 1GB of RAM, and an OpenGL 2.0-compatible graphics card with 256MB shared or dedicated But beware, Intel graphics Macs do not work (Intel GMA X3100 or lower) . The current ones with Intel HD 3000 graphics have no problem.

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