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Transparent screen when you write, will we see it in iOS 8?

The pace of the appearance of patents from the Bitten Apple company does not stop and this is always a help to know in that engineers are working there in the Cupertino headquarters . On this occasion, the patent registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is called “Transparent Text Messages” .

As the description says, the aim is that the camera of the device can capture at all times what is presented in front of us while we make use of an application, replacing the background of this by the images that the camera is getting. With this we will get a transparent simulated screen that will allow us to see at all times the conditions of our path to avoid stumbling.

Transparent screen when you write, will we see it in iOS 8?
Transparent screen when you write, will we see it in iOS 8?

What this patent shows us is neither a novelty nor an amazing discovery, since there are lots of applications on the App Store that perform this function , as well as being available on platforms that are direct competitors for Cupertino’s.

The curious thing about the appearance of this patent, is that Californians are, or have been, working on bringing this technology to their ecosystem in a native way . Perhaps it will become one of the features of a future iOS 8 or we will never see it appear natively and we will have to continue using the work of third parties .

Without a doubt, the idea is not at all far-fetched, seeing as how, today, the human being and the mobile device are almost a single entity . Seeing people walking down the street while using their smartphone is something that has become normalized. Therefore, the appearance of this tool natively will help many iPhone users to avoid unwanted encounters. Will it be an added value for the launch of the future iPhone 6?

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