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traktor dj cable

Today we bring you the analysis of Griffin’s DJ cable made for djay for iPad, but we will see how it is also compatible with deej or also Traktor, and it can be used besides an iPhone or iPad also in a Mac or PC, so it is a very versatile accessory at an incredible price if we compare it to the expensive professional sound cards. A very good option for those who are starting or want to liven up a party.

This is a Griffin accessory that I love. The Griffin DJ cable allows DJs to pre-listen with headphones to the mixed music playing on another channel. It’s simple and very cheap: you save a lot of money on sound cards. On the other hand you can lose some quality and stereo sound. Here we detail its operation that surely more than one of interest.

First impressions

traktor dj cable
traktor dj cable

The cable comes in a box with a good presentation. Griffin partnered with djay to develop this cable and adapt the application to this system , so the box comes with photos of the application from Algoriddim and with the djay-compatible stamp. Inside the box, apart from of course including the cable, there are also some instructions that basically say “plug and play”.

The cable is still a conventional cable made of plastic but gives the impression of being solid and that it will not break in the first week, just as the connectors are covered with hard plastic, which gives the cable much more robustness. It is the complete opposite of a USB cable of any Apple product.

Availability and price

The cable can be purchased at Griffin Technology’s online store for $17.99. Due to problems with the European Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment it is not possible to ship to Spain at this time, but we assume that this will be resolved shortly. I recommend you to buy it at as they have the best price -12.27 at the time of writing and it is available for Amazon Premium . You can also find it in Macnificos for 14.99 or in the Apple Store for 19.95 euros.

Why we want such a cable

DJs need to be able to listen to two tracks – or more – at the same time in their headphones to make sure they sound good and are well mixed. This way the audience listening to the output master will still hear everything normally. It can also be useful to search the whole library for the best song if there is no playlist made.

This can only be achieved with two outputs , not one. If you have an external USB driver you will usually have a sound card already built in and you won’t have to worry about anything else. Or a simple USB sound card can be relatively cheap for the beginner, but on an iPhone or iPad it is not possible. So this type of cable that we show you today is the best solution.


The operation of the Griffin DJ cable is very simple: what it does is separate the stereo signal into two mono signals. We already have the two channels. On one side of the output we will connect the speakers and on the other the headphones to be able to pre-listen. As simple as that. Not to be confused with a multiplier, the kind we use with friends to plug in two pairs of headphones, that separates the same stereo signal into two of the same.

Obviously the software we are using has to support this configuration. In fact this Griffin cable has been developed together with the people at djay, the acclaimed application that was highlighted in the keynote on the iPhone 5 for taking advantage of the 4-inch Retina screen. We will also be able to use it in the recently released Traktor DJ for iPad or in deej which we recently reviewed.

We can even use it on our Mac with no problem if we don’t have an external sound card. Traktor Pro 2 allows this type of configuration – mono output of the channels – and Virtual DJ as well. So the cable is not only restricted to iOS devices.

Advantages and disadvantages

There is a clear advantage over this cable: its price. Whoever starts, wants to animate a party at home, or simply entertain himself a sound card can become very expensive. This is the case for the audio interfaces Traktor Audio 6 and 10, which start at 300 euros. They are compatible with the iPad, but are very expensive for those who do not work professionally. The simplicity of it is also an advantage: plug in on one side, on the other side headphones… No more extra connections are needed.

On the other hand, the clear disadvantage is that both outputs – to the speakers and headphones – are mono. For the more purist, this will be a major disadvantage, but it should be noted that most clubs or pubs have mono sound systems. Other disadvantages would be that the audio quality is not as optimal as it would be with Audio 6 for example, or the output power, which could easily be fixed with an amplifier.



You can’t ask for more and it fulfills its purpose perfectly. Of course it’s not an ideal solution for long-term professional DJs, but it can get us out of a jam. On the other hand, the iPhone or iPad is the ideal and economical solution. It is certainly possible to achieve this with several adapters, but the number of connections and simplicity have nothing to do with it, and the price is good.

It is a cable as I said with a very good construction and that has fulfilled my expectations completely. In fact I enjoyed doing a couple of more serious sessions, of more than an hour each, taking the opportunity to thoroughly test Traktor DJ for iPad, and the cable has responded perfectly from the first minute. And by the way, after a couple of tests it seems that although the output master of the cable is in mono, the recording is stereo.

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