Trailer Carpool Karaoke tercera temporada

Apple is already warming up the engines to launch a new season of its successful Carpool Karaoke series. We must remember that this is a series of interviews in a running car with different personalities that arrived before Apple TV+ and that has garnered a good audience that has allowed it to renew for a new season.

As we say, Apple wants to start warming up the engines of this new Carpool Karaoke season with the publication of a new trailer on YouTube. In this one we can see many of the interviews that we hope to see this new season to very interesting people of the society.

Trailer Carpool Karaoke tercera temporada
Trailer Carpool Karaoke tercera temporada

As a reminder, Carpool Karaoke arrived long before Apple TV+ when it debuted in August 2017 as a show hosted by the famous James Corden. At first to see this program we had to enter the Apple Music application but now s and move to the application we have on our computers called TV . This can be seen in the trailer itself as the corresponding icon appears in the trailer in the lower right-hand corner.

It was not Apple itself that uploaded this trailer, as we have seen it publicly on the YouTube channel of James Corden, director of the program. This solves all the doubts that there were since the announcement of the renewal of this space last summer.

As reported by Billboard, we’ll be watching nine episodes this season every Friday starting today, January 24th. You don’t need to have a subscription to Apple Music or Apple TV+ as this is completely free content. You simply need to access the TV application and enjoy it, whether on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.

Among the personalities that we can see in this new season is the cast of Stranger Things among other personalities such as Kesha, Fred Armisen, Weezer, Jay Leno or Seal. We hope that this season will be just as successful and who knows if we will see a fourth season in the future. We believe that it may lack a little more promotion to have more visits and better attention from users. Not having translation to other languages also makes it not have as much acceptance in the international arena.

Also, remember that you can play this in a way with the singing games on the iPhone.

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