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Trade Forex from your iPhone or iPad

Many of you control your investments from your computer, but it is still interesting to be able to take the operation anywhere, either on the iPhone or on a comfortable screen like the iPad or iPad Pro. And one of the most commonly used markets is Forex , which is probably the best online trading app you can install today.

As noted at the outset, although we focus on the FxPro iOS APP, the service also has an online access that you can access with Safari , both from a Mac and from any other internet-connected device. To downloadFxProFor iPhone or iPad simply follow this link and you will be automatically directed to the App Store to download it for free.

Trade Forex from your iPhone or iPadTrade Forex from your iPhone or iPad

For those who are not familiar with this market, in Forex moves billions of euros a day and offers an opportunity for those who want to enter the investment world as it is the currency market that moves. It is as simple as if you believe that a currency will go up or down, you can buy and sell to try and make a profit.

When you open FxPro, the first step in using it is to create an account for us. In a couple of minutes we will have provided you with all the necessary details, but if you are not quite sure or want to try the tool out before you launch into real money trading, you can always open a Demo account where the capital you move is fictitious and you can familiarise yourself with its functions.

With FxPro we can invest in Forex markets, but also in Futures, Indices, Stocks, Metals and Energy , in a professional, safe and simple way. The tool provides a range of features including a currency converter, online real-time market analysis, news and the ability to set up alerts to keep track of any movements and organise them into a convenient calendar.

In our profile we can control all our positions in a visual and comfortable way , adapted to iPad and iPhone screens. We can also see a summary of our account, the available deposit, manage the funds, consult the different platforms on which to trade and a long list of options such as StopLoss, TakeProfit and investment margins.

FxPro, therefore, is one of the most interesting online brokers and apps to dominate the entire Forex market and control our investments at any time.