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Traces of an iWork for iPhone appear

9to5mac, MacRumors

The iPad version of iWork was a bold step forward for Apple’s office suites and its intention to bring a similar device into every home. However, this may not be the case and Cupertino’s company is going even further: several indications have been detected from independent sources that suggest the upcoming release of an iWork version for the iPhone and iPod touch .

Traces of an iWork for iPhone appear
Traces of an iWork for iPhone appear

The first source is a contact from, who has sent some pictures of the supposed Pages running on an iPhone 3G or a 3GS (which would indicate that the iPhone 4 and its retinal screen would not be needed for iWork to work). As shown in the image above, these photos indicate tools for exporting documents and selecting a file for editing from the same phone.

The second source is itself, which for a short period of time mentioned an ‘iWork for the iPhone’ in a list of the possibilities it offered for opening mail attachments using external programs. The list was quickly changed and it’s not clear whether this was a simple error or a misdirection by someone who knows we’ll soon have iWork on our phones.

The idea of working with large documents from my phone doesn’t seem very comfortable, but with the functionality of being able to use a wireless keyboard via bluetooth it already makes more sense. iWork on the iPhone and iPod touch could be an ideal companion to save us from some tricky situations at work.

UPDATE : 9to5mac has more iWork images working on an iPhone.


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