Traces of an “iTunes Subscription” appear: error or track?

Trent Reznor, figura clave en el rediseño de Beats Music según el New York Times

One Apple Insider reader has warned that media and the whole world: iTunes version has referred to something called “iTunes Subscription” . You can see it in the iTunes Store, in the section that summarizes our Apple account settings.

Traces of an “iTunes Subscription” appear: error or track?
Traces of an “iTunes Subscription” appear: error or track?

In it we can see (image above), how we are warned that this supposed service offers us to store songs locally to listen to them offline in addition to downloading the ones we already have bought from the iTunes Store. Can these be the first details of the streaming music service that has been bought from Beats?

The number of devices that can be used with “iTunes Subscription” is different from the current Beats Music and iTunes Match

We can also read how we have a maximum of five devices to link to the service, with the limit of being able to unlink all of them simultaneously only once a year. iTunes Match allows us to use the service on twice as many terminals, so it hasn’t been a name confusion. And the current version of Beats Music reduces that maximum to three handsets.

That text is not in the version of iTunes I have on my Mac, and it is precisely the same. Perhaps Apple has realized the error and removed that text, although may also have been a simple error and none of this is what awaits us in the new WWDC 2015. Fifty-fifty , which says.

From the new musical stage we only have what has been leaked so far from 9to5Mac: complications when negotiating the monthly fee , Android version, a new level of integration… but we had not yet seen something like this supposed filtering directly from iTunes.

Except, of course, the new music player application which can now be tested by everyone who has installed the iOS 8.4 beta. That has to be the basis on which this new streaming service will be supported, which we should see announced in a month and a half with a release date still unknown.

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