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Toy Story characters arrive at WatchOS 4

As we all know, one of the fathers and founders of the Californian firm, Steve Jobs, when he was suspended from Apple, gave life to what we all know today as Pixar, the great company known all over the world for films that take us back to our childhood or the older ones back to our youth.

This is how we could see it today in the second public beta of the new operating system with which the future Apple Watch, watchOS 4, will be implemented. We will have the ability to customize the Toy Story sphere to be able to choose among its most famous characters; Toy Box, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessi e. By choosing one of these famous and characteristic characters, the toy in question will cover the entire visible part of the screen except for the upper right corner where we can see the time.

Toy Story characters arrive at WatchOS 4
Toy Story characters arrive at WatchOS 4

When we have selected one of the spheres of Toy Story, the character we have chosen will appear whenever we want to see the time , making a movement and even some sounds characteristic of the character in question, such as a greeting or one of its typical phrases, all of this at random without following any programmed pattern.

This is not the only update Apple has made to the operating systems of its portable devices, such as the iPad, iPhone or the Apple Watch itself. Among them are a lot of improvements to our beloved Siri, in which the virtual assistant will have a more human voice , we can write the questions or actions you want to perform, since until now it could only be done by voice control, and even have changed the microphone that appears while we are talking by a sphere that is constantly changing color.

We couldn’t consider this as a collaboration, since Tim Cook likes to leave the personal touch that Steve Jobs would have left if he were still with us , because as we said before, he was the one who created Pixar and therefore these characters too. This kind of thing is what makes us choose Apple over any other similar brand, because of the details that touch our hearts.

We are looking forward to testing the watchOS 4, because this software promises a lot and we hope it will be the perfection as far as intelligent clock operating system is concerned. There won’t be much left for its launch, as its iPhone and iPad brother, iOS 11, will be available to everyone in September, obviously if we have one of the devices that will support this system.

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