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Touchscreens on Macs are useless

Phil Schiller has again given his opinion on the possible implementation of touch screens in the new generation of Macs . It is worth noting that the new Touch Bar on the recently revamped MacBook Pro makes it easier and faster to operate the various software options . The multimedia playback options are one of the most important features of the new OLED bar.

Much has been said about the possible incorporation of touch technology into Apple’s big brother, the iMac . According to Phill Schiller (Apple’s vice president of marketing), the implementation of this new technology in the new generation would be of no practical use .

Touchscreens on Macs are uselessTouchscreens on Macs are useless

Therefore, the company would not have planned to incorporate this technology in its iMac devices, unlike the more direct competition, Microsoft, which has been using it in its Microsoft Surface range.

On the other hand, Schiller has also made it clear that the concept of the devices in the apple catalogue are fine as they are today . That is why the Touch Bar, according to the vice-president, has been the best touch technology that can be incorporated into a laptop , as it allows a better interface/user relationship and makes it more comfortable.

Another aspect that could prevent the touch screen would be the complexity involved in optimizing the operating system both in a mouse and keyboard configuration and in a touch interaction. One of the aspects that Californians care about the most is undoubtedly the optimization and perfect functioning of their software .

Maybe Cupertino’s people are planning to launch some hybrid device between tablet and laptop, since more and more users are looking for a hybrid-type device for their daily tasks. What will Apple’s plans be in this regard?