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TouchChat HD- AAC w WordPower en App Store

TouchChat is a complete communication solution for individuals with difficulty using their natural voice. TouchChat is designed for people with autism, Down syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, apraxia, stroke or other conditions that affect a person’s ability to use their natural voice.
This version of TouchChat is combined with the WordPower™ series of AAC vocabularies designed by Nancy Inman. WordPower is a word-based vocabulary that allows you to communicate easily and intuitively, while WordPower with Phrases incorporates phrases to generate language more easily.

The TouchChat offers options in English and Spanish in a universal application compatible with iPhone®, iPod touch® and the iPad®.
TouchChat falls into the technology support category known as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), which includes features previously available only on much more expensive dedicated equipment. Words, phrases and messages are output with a built-in voice synthesizer or via a recorded message. There are several voice synthesizers in English and Spanish, which allows the user to choose a voice that goes with his own personality.

TouchChat HD- AAC w WordPower en App Store
TouchChat HD- AAC w WordPower en App Store

TouchChat gives the individual the ability to navigate through groups of pages and broadcast messages. The page groups are linked to other pages that are divided into a number of buttons. The buttons are programmed to have particular functions. For example, they can say a message, navigate to another page, change the volume, or clear the screen.

Several groups of pages are included with TouchChat: VocabPC™, MultiChat15, and Spelling are available in English and Spanish, myQuickChat©, MyCore, and Communication Journey: Aphasia are available in English while Syntax and No Syntax are in Spanish. Each page group is geared to individuals with different communication needs. Additional English language page groups such as Gateway©, Pixon™60 and Talk About AAC are available for purchase within the application.
You can share the generated text with TouchChat pages on social networks or using iMessage® and email over a wireless connection. Generate a message, select the text window, and choose a service. In addition, you can copy text from or to TouchChat and other applications to let the system know.

You can fully customize the pages, network layout, buttons, messages and symbols. You can copy and paste buttons to other places by dragging them to the desired location, or reposition them by dragging them to the desired location. You can also copy the style of a button (colors, margins, font) and paste it to another button.

You can modify the provided pages to create custom page groups. Select from 45 button functions and nearly 40,000 Symbolstix® symbols when creating new buttons. You can also use an existing image or take a picture with the integrated camera. In addition, you can use gestures to navigate to new pages, say messages, etc.
Please note: PCS© symbols are not compatible with the TouchChat application.
You can also adjust the times to activate the buttons according to the needs and capabilities of the user. Some settings you can make include delay time and activation time. You can also configure the buttons to activate them when you release them.

Users can program the buttons to play audio files as music from their media or video library using the gallery or a link from YouTube™.

Once you finish programming, be sure to protect your custom files. You can import and export vocabulary files to a computer using the file sharing feature of iTunes®, DropBox™ or Google Drive™.

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