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TouchBar or how to improve our iPhone or iPadActiv

Again another week we come back with all of you in Tuning iOS, a section, the most rebellious of Applesupportphonenumber in which the lovers of the Jailbreak combined with iOS have our little refuge.

This time we will talk about a tweak very useful called TouchBar and all this despite the inclusion of Control Center in iOS 7, a formula that has caused the cessation of the use of other tweaks like SBSettings .

TouchBar or how to improve our iPhone or iPadActiv
TouchBar or how to improve our iPhone or iPadActiv

Which functions does TouchBar add ? With this tweak not only will we be able to use the familiar toggles , but TouchBar will also allow us to add a series of quick access buttons with which we will be able to activate and deactivate a series of functions , all of which are generally very common, saving time and making it easier to use.

Once installed the tweak , we will only have to make a restart of our iDevice to be able to observe when we slide the finger by the superior part of the screen we will see appear a series of 5 buttons that we can move as if they were pages with an effect similar to the one of Infinidock with a gesture towards the right of the screen. If we move to the left we’ll come across a music player .

Thanks to TouchBar we can access functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb mode, being able to activate and deactivate each of them quickly and precisely. This tweak is also complemented by the indispensable Activator , so that we will be able to customise the gestures to better accommodate the use of TouchBar to our needs.

TouchBar is a tweak available on Cydia at a price of 0’99 euros in the BigBoss repository. Did you know this tweak ? Do you think it fits even with the Control Center present on iOS 7 ?

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