Top paying jobs at Apple

Business Insider has made a ranking with some of the best paid jobs in Apple with data extracted from Glassdoor. We’re talking about the employee base, not the top managers or project or section heads like Tim Cook, Scott Forstall or Jonathan Ive, the software and hardware engineers, designers, account executives, Mac Genius, etc…

Comparing the data with Google’s we see that although Apple is somewhat less generous with its workers than the search giant, Cupertino’s designers are so valued for the apple that they get paid even more than most of Google’s top engineers.

  1. Art Director ($133,664). Surprise! Apple’s highest-paid job is the guys who take care of the appearance of the apple products and the way they visually communicate with their customers.
  2. Senior Software Engineer ($126,325) Just below are the top software engineers dedicated to the most sensitive aspects of the apple’s operating systems and applications.
  3. Senior Hardware Engineer ($124,893) The same goes for the other half of the equation in the binomial to which the company has been faithful since its origins (with a few setbacks during the dark years).
  4. Product Manager ($118,556). Those responsible for ensuring that each product meets the quality standards of the apple by getting involved in every part of its creation process.
  5. Product Design Engineer ($116,019) Designers back in power, receiving a higher salary than many engineers.
  6. Database Administrator ($105,382). These people make sure that the App Store runs smoothly, that Siri is able to answer our questions (even if they still have to be asked in English for the time being) or, also, that they pass the broom when the online store hangs the closing sign.
  7. Hardware Engineer ($105,316). In the engineering base the turns are reversed with respect to the senior engineers and the hardware guys are placed above the rest of the guys.
  1. Test Engineer ($104,926). Those responsible for creating processes for stress testing products to ensure they meet quality standards and are marketed free of defects.
  2. Firmware Engineer ($103,985). Halfway between the hardware and the software making sure that both are perfectly understood.
  3. Software Engineer ($103,883) The base of software engineers, the “curritos” as we call them in my town, charge a little more than their Google equivalents, less considered than the sales managers.
  4. Senior Systems Engineer ($101,794) One of Apple’s lowest paid senior positions despite charging twice as much as the store manager.
  5. Mechanical Engineer ($99,900). They deal every day with heat problems, moving parts and other issues that can ruin a good product if not taken into account.
  6. Project Manager ($94,652). In charge of making sure that all the pieces fit together and are ready on time.
  7. Systems Engineer ($94,119). They develop the methodologies that allow the production chain to run smoothly despite the logistical difficulties of working with a huge number of suppliers and factories.
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    Temas de interés
    Business Analyst ($87,768). They keep the internal structure of the company organized so that the business works in an optimized way.

  9. Software Quality Engineer: $87,651). If you find a bug in an Apple program, surely these are the people you should be taking your anger out on for not doing it before you do.
  10. Financial Analyst ($81,253). Nine places below its Google counterparts, Apple places importance on its financial analysts, but definitely not as much as its engineers and designers.
  11. Account Executive ($75,324). They manage the business relationships with the legion of companies with which Apple maintains contact, whether they are manufacturers, partners, advertisers…
  12. Trainee Software Engineer: $61,152). Back to technical positions, Apple interns are paid considerably less than Google interns, although they may have the chance to work on more interesting projects (or not, considering the secrecy of the block it’s not like they’re going to put the interns to work on the next iPhone either).
  13. Apple Store Assistant Manager: $49,176). They manage the physical stores on the block.
  14. Mac Genius Leader ($48,353). The creme de la creme of the Mac Geniuses charge a little more than the rest of their peers but noticeably less than an engineer on the block.
  15. Mac Genius ($38,937). And finally (in the ranking), the rest of Genius, who presumably, at least charge more than the salesmen in the physical stores.


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