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Top Five Features of the New Apple Watch Series 5

Last Tuesday, September 10th, Apple announced, along with the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, the Apple Watch Series 5. Although the fifth generation of Cupertino’s intelligent watch does not integrate the sleep monitor either, a function that is as expected as it is rumoured , it has been loaded with new features that we did not expect, and in these times where leaks are the order of the day it is nice to see a few surprises.

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Top Five Features of the New Apple Watch Series 5
Top Five Features of the New Apple Watch Series 5

Although you can already book at the Apple Store and at authorized suppliers, it will not be officially released until next Friday, September 20th. In order to make the wait more “bearable”, we’re going to talk about what are the best features of the new Bite Apple smartwatch.

Screen always on

This is probably the feature that attracted the most attention during the keynote. Until now, the Apple Watch’s Retina display only came on if you turned your wrist, tapped it, or rotated the digital crown. With the Series 5, it always remains on, showing the time and the dial , although if you’re not looking at it, it’s dimmed.

This feature, which we have already seen in other competing smartwatches, is optimized so that it does not consume more energy than if it were turned off most of the time. At least that’s what Apple says, since the autonomy of the Apple Watch Series 5 is about 18 hours , that is, it lasts a whole day, so it doesn’t seem to affect the battery negatively.


If you are one of those who likes to play sports outdoors, get lost in the countryside and go hiking, you will have received the compass function with open arms. Just like on the iPhone, with the Apple Watch’s compass you can guide yourself directly from a complication on the dial or open the app to view more information.

This feature comes with an update to Apple Maps . The mapping software for Cupertino’s smart watches also integrates the compass, and we can see which direction we are pointing in while following a route.

International emergency calls

That the Apple Watch saves lives at this point in the movie is no secret. Over the years we have read several testimonials from users who have detected heart anomalies using the heart rate sensor or how the emergency services have come to the rescue after an emergency call alert, like this Spanish guy.

With the Apple Watch Series 5 this function evolves, you can contact the emergency services of 150 different countries by pressing and holding the button on the side of the device if you have your iPhone close by or without carrying it with you in the case of the cellular version.

32 GB of internal storage

If we have the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 5, that is, the one with LTE4G connectivity, we may not give so much importance to internal storage because we can connect to services such as Apple Music and Podcasts and listen to our favorite songs and radio shows. However, if we have the normal version, the 32 GB can come in handy .

In the Apple Watch Series 3 (which is the other model that Apple officially markets, as it has discontinued the Series 4), it has two storage options: 8 GB for the GPS model and 16 GB for the GPS + Cellular. With the Series 5 we have 32 GB in both options , which is a lot of space to store music, audiobooks, podcasts, download applications, etc.

Titanium or ceramic Apple Watch Edition

Although ceramic is not an unknown material for the Apple Watch, with the Series 4 Apple decided not to release this special edition, only the aluminum and stainless steel models. However, with the Apple Watch Series 5 has returned with another version in titanium , the same element used to make the Apple Card.

At AppleThe gold Apple Watch Edition reached 5% of global luxury watch sales by 2015

The watch with titanium case is sold from 849 euros (two versions, one of them in space black), while the ceramic version is available from 1,399 euros. In any case, either of them means a higher payment than the aluminium one, available from 449 euros (the stainless steel one starts at 749 euros).

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