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Top 5 applications to follow your favorite sports

Sport has almost become part of our lives, whether it is practicing it or following it on the net, television, etc… Whether it is football, basketball, indoor football, or motor sports, such as motorcycling or F1. And as technologies are increasingly invading our lives, it is normal that we want to know about sports on our smartphones.

There are applications that inform us first hand and with great actuality of the news of our favorite teams or sportsmen. Let’s see them!

1. Eurosport

Top 5 applications to follow your favorite sports
Top 5 applications to follow your favorite sports

The main application of Eurosport is very useful if you like tennis or winter sports (they are the main sports as they have broadcasting rights). However, its notification system is magnificent and keeps you informed of all the important sports news, such as victories of the main football teams, winners of Motorcycling or F1, or the performance of the Spanish in their respective sports.

Eurosport, sports application

Eurosport at this link

2. AS

Its information is more generalised, with football as the main sport, followed by basketball and the rest of the sports. It also offers a widespread and well-established notification system with all the major sports. It offers updated and live results. It is widely used to follow the current news of your favorite team or sportsman.

Information in digital format from the sports newspaper AS.

As, digital format of the newspaper

AS in this link


MisMarcadores is the most downloaded, rated and used sports application in the whole AppStore. This app features 28 different sports and more than 5,000 leagues and tournaments worldwide. You can find live scores, rankings, statistics and everything at the moment, live. Among those sports we can even find the electronic sport, which is growing more and more. It has a fast and effective notification system, but it is gridded and monotonous, with few words.

MyMarkers, the most complete application of the sport

MyMarkers on this link

4. SofaScore

SofaScore is not far behind and offers us the results of 17 different sports . With a good interface and good features, it offers a lot of competitions from Spain. Its different interface is, at first, a bit complicated to get used to, but you can easily get used to it. Its strong points, Football and Tennis.

SofaScore, 17 different sports

SofaScore at this link

5. Matchapp

Although it specialises only in football, it is an essential application for following the grassroots football in your locality or area. It is an app for players, coaches and fans, where you will find calendars and league rankings.

Some of its most important features are the possibility to follow all the categories of your team, a field geolocator and the weather forecast for the day and the place where the meeting takes place.

MatchApp, the application of base football

Matchapp on this link.

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