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Top 12 Mac Productivity Apps Do more in less time!

Regardless of which computer you use in your day-to-day work, certain tasks may take a greater amount of time. However, today there are applications that can help you improve your productivity , you should only find those that best suit your way of working and your needs.

There are lots of applications and tools that can help you in your daily work. So if you use a Mac computer with MacOS to work and want to optimize your workflow, we invite you to read on. We’ll leave you with a small collection of 12 applications to increase your productivity on the Mac , but of course you can find many other tools that can help you. Here we go!


Top 12 Mac Productivity Apps Do more in less time!Top 12 Mac Productivity Apps Do more in less time!

We have already talked about Paste several times in TodoAppleBlog and it is not for nothing, since we find it a tremendously powerful tool. Its main function is to create a history of the macOS clipboard, which allows you to take the copy and paste function to another level. Thanks to the history you can copy different things and then go back to them using a keyboard shortcut. This way you can avoid continuously copying the same information. In addition, you can also create snippets that are always available and paste them in as often as you like, ideally if you often use the same signature on all your documents or often enter your contact details.


Concept maps are a productivity tool used by the most successful professionals and you can adapt them to your needs. Thanks to these maps you can put your ideas in order and have a global vision of the projects you are working on in a very visual and clear way. With XMind you can create concept or mind maps as big as you need, make all kind of annotations, show them to other people as slides and also export them in a lot of different formats.


If you’re someone who tends to speed up his or her work by using keyboard shortcuts as opposed to using a mouse, Alfred is an app that can’t be missed on your Mac. You can use hot keys and keywords to quickly launch applications or open all kinds of files. You can use clipboard history to find any text, images, or files you’ve previously copied. Alfred lets you create your own workflow to save time when doing repetitive tasks through keyboard shortcuts. You could say it’s a Spotlight on steroids.


The cloud storage service also has its own application for Mac. It lets you store photos, files, documents, or anything else in the cloud and access them easily from any device. It also gives us the ability to share those files with anyone else very easily and quickly. Without a doubt a very powerful tool with an ease of use that makes it one of the best options for sharing files with colleagues, partners, customers or anyone else.


Evernote lets you take notes, create checklists and to-do lists, set reminders, scan documents, search within PDFs, and more. All information stored on the service is automatically synchronized across all devices connected to the same account, so you can create a list or note on your smartphone and quickly access it from your computer, another smartphone, or an iPad. The perfect way to create your information repository and have it always at hand – no more paperwork!

Fantastical 2

The native Calendar application that comes in macOS can be a great help for simple tasks, but if you want to go a step further you need another application. Fantastical 2 is one of the most complete and easy-to-use options for keeping your calendar up to date and not forgetting anything at all. Its main advantage over other options is that it allows the use of natural language to quickly create events, reminders, alerts and much more. Do you use Time Blocking to organize yourself? Fantastical can be your great ally.


Hazel keeps track of the folders on your computer and automatically organizes your files based on the rules you have specified. You can organize in different locations according to patterns in their name, creation date, file type… In addition, you can also configure it to help you keep the Recycle Bin at bay and not grow too large. Keeping order is important to boost productivity and in this respect Hazel is unrivalled.


IFTTT is a web service that allows you to create conditional rules for your favorite applications and services. These recipes are automatically executed when the specified conditions are met. For example, you can create a task that sends a reminder one hour before an appointment or when you upload a photo to Instagram it is automatically saved in Dropbox. The possibilities are enormous and it all depends on the services you use that have integration with IFTTT.

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is an automation tool that allows you to perform a series of actions, called macros, on the computer with a specific trigger. With this app you can link macros to a hot key, keyboard or timer, among others.


Slack is a communication tool for private teams that also has integration with different services (Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox or Trello to mention a few). It allows you to instantly communicate with team members in group or private conversations, share files and much more.


This task manager is one of the best known and most used. It has a version for mobile devices, but of course there’s also a version for Mac (as well as many other platforms), thanks to which you can create your task lists so you don’t forget anything. Among its possibilities we find options to create tasks that repeat from time to time, the possibility of working in teams with other users of the tool, comments on the task, push or email notifications, etc, etc.


Every day we use more passwords, so having a password manager is more important than ever. 1Password is one of the most popular passwords for Mac and thanks to it you will be able to have a different secure password in every site you register and you will be able to identify yourself with a simple keyboard shortcut.

In addition, the service has apps for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, so you can always have your passwords synchronized and ready to use when you need them. With 1Password you only have to remember one password and now with the arrival of Touch IDs on Macs even that, as the app supports this feature that makes access much more convenient.

These are just a few of the applications you can find for the Mac that will improve your productivity when working. If there’s anything else you think is important and you think we’ve left out the list, please let us know in the comments and we’ll try to include it.

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