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tools to check the status of your equipment I

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tools to check the status of your equipment I
tools to check the status of your equipment I

Although it is true that due to their quality controls they do it in a lesser proportion, or so we believe because many of us are suffering with so much growth and mass production some consequences, it is not superfluous to have at our disposal tools to check their condition.

This way we can know if the failure is coming from the hardware or the software. Steve Jobs’ own company provides us with a utility included in the restoration discs and in the latest Macs in the EFI itself: Apple Hardware Test.

To access it, insert the disk and before the startup sound press the D key or in recent equipment just press D or Fn + F2 key to start the application. Two types of checks are possible: a quick check and a full check. As the name suggests, they will analyse each and every component of our equipment less or more thoroughly.

Once the test is finished, it will show the result which will give us indications, if it detects any anomaly, of the cause of the problems we are suffering from. For example, sudden application shutdowns may be due to hard drive failures or system crashes if the ram fails. In addition from Apple Hardware Test we are going to see a summary with the serial number of the equipment, modules of installed ram,…

An option that surely the older ones in the Mac universe will know but that the new or future switchers must be recorded in their minds for what may happen. If for any reason you do not have the recovery disks you can always download the Apple Hardware Test for your computer from the Apple website.

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