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Todoist launches two-way synchronization with Google Calendar

Staying organized is essential if we want to get on with our work and also enjoy free time to be with family, friends and do activities that we like. That’s why using a task management application like Todoist can be very useful and even more so now that has added a new feature: integration with Google Calendar .

Thanks to this integration, Todoist users will be able to better organize their daily life, since in addition to the list of tasks in the app we will be able to have a more global vision in the Google calendars.

It is now possible to keep Todoist and Google Calendar synchronized

Todoist launches two-way synchronization with Google Calendar
Todoist launches two-way synchronization with Google Calendar

The integration is now available to all users of the tool and its operation is simple. Tasks with an expiration date will be reflected in Google Calendar and you can set their duration from the task management app (including a code of the type [XXm] in the task name, which will be transformed into the duration that the task will have in Google Calendar. For example [80m] to set a task of 80 minutes duration, at the moment it is only possible to set the duration using minutes).

The integration works in real time and in both directions , so all changes you make to Todoist or Google Calendar will be shown in the service instantly. Thanks to this, staying organized will be much easier and will help us improve our productivity.

Connecting Todoist to Google Calendar

To activate the integration between Todoist and Google Calendar it is necessary to access the Todoist configuration from the web version. The steps to follow are the following:

1.- Access Todoist web with your username and password

2.- Click on the nut icon in the top right corner and select the option Configuration .

3.- Click on the tab Integrations .

4.- Click on Connect in the Google Calendar section and follow the instructions on screen.

After these four steps the integration will be configured and you can start using the advantages of this synchronization between the two services in real time and in both directions.

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